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Single Point of Truth

B.I. & Data Consolidation

Many companies continually collect data generated from Point of Sales, Dispatching Stations, ERP's and many other systems to create clean and consolidated sheets of information for decision makers.  Usually with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Imagine that across multiple locations and diverse systems you can automatically collect relevant information, then automatically apply consolidation rules and just simple open a rich set of Dashboards with KPI's from a broad set of business topics ranging from Sales, Inventories, Attendance, Accounting, Cash Flow, COGS, GMROI, Payroll and many more.

We help companies achieve these goals with a combination of On-Premise and of Cloud technologies that are highly customizable to their business rules and specific needs. Running on AWS you don't need to pay for expensive legacy software, licensing and hardware.

Tell us about your project and we'll be happy to help.

Google Data Studio is a FREE Business Intelligence tool that is evolving really fast and combines an intuitive interface, a bullet-proof stability and deep integration with Google products like Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Google Ads & GCP.

AWS QuickSight is a powerful 100% cloud Business Intelligence solution deeply integrated within AWS. It offers enterprise security, In-memory calculation engine, columnar storage and pay only for what you use with pay-per-session pricing.

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