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Business Intelligence
for Restaurants

Cloud Consolidation Across

Multiple Venues and POS brands

ERP + POS Integration

Data Warehouse on AWS

Soft Restaurant




powered by AWS

Cloud Consolidation

Business Intelligence for Restaurants

Restaurant groups that license several franchises usually operate under two or more POS systems.

Collecting all the information across several venues requires a lot of time, most of it manually converting and merging several files types (Excel, flat files, DBF, etc.) and even emails and messages from chat groups. 

We help restaurants automate many tasks:

  • Collect data across POS systems, flat files and databases.

  • Merge data and apply business rules.

  • Provide Business Intelligence dashboards powered by Google Data Studio or AWS QuickSight.

  • Bring data from your ERP.

  • Run tailored-made order planning, replenishment and logistics calculations.


By creating a Data Warehouse on AWS Cloud, we help restaurants unleash the power of their information.

Restaurant Data Warehouse and ERP Integr

Restaurant Business Intelligence Demo

Restaurant Business Intelligence Demo 1.
Restaurant Business Intelligence Demo 2.
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