ETL & Data Synchronization

Continually Move On-Prem Data to AWS

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Pull Data From Multiple Locations & DB's


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Cloud Data Warehouse

ETL & Database Synchronization

Many mission critical systems run on-premises and across multiple locations and databases.

Is there a way to continually collect data from remote systems and build a scalable and affordable data warehouse on the cloud?

Think of Database Synchronization as way to continuously move data from on-premises to AWS and back forth, enabling a true Hybrid Cloud for your Enterprise Software.

  • Continually export On-Prem data from Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, dBase, Visual FoxPro, SQL Anywhere and MySQL database to AWS.

  • Use Amazon Aurora (MySQL compatible enterprise-grade DB) as a centralized data warehouse.

  • Define extraction and transformation rules with simple transact query language.

  • Bi-directional sync? We got you covered, make changes right from AWS and distribute them across your stores and branches with Two-Way Sync.

  • Use Aurora-MySQL as a massive batch calculation engine and return data to on-prem.

  • Data is also available on S3 so many other AWS products can be used: Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift.




10 USD / database / month

150 USD / month up to 10 databases

Start With

30 days free

30 days free




Deploy On

Your Own AWS Account

Use a Fully Managed Account

or Your Own AWS Account





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Additional DB

10 USD / database / month

10 USD / database / month

Two-Way Sync

Fist DB free

Additional DB: 5 USD / DB / mo

First 10 DB's free

Additional DB: 5 USD / DB / mo

AWS Assistance


Email + Chat + Phone

Handle Deployment

Use Documentation and

Automated Templates

We take care of everything

- Price is calculated based on the number of on-premise databases effectively on use.

- Number of databases on AWS does not count for pricing calculation.
- 30 days minimum charge for each on-prem database.

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