Google Sheets to AWS

( BETA )

Send data from Google Sheet to AWS

Apply data-type validation rules

Automatically load data to Aurora-MySQL

Apply SQL transformation rules

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Google Sheets to AWS

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Many companies have valuable data stored in spreadsheets that are not integrated on a comprehensive data warehouse and thus not easily available for deeper analysis with Business Intelligence tools.

Is there a way to easily connect and process data from spreadsheets to a scalable and affordable data warehouse on the cloud?

With this Add-on for Google Sheets you will be able to:

  • Define a layout to collect information and specify for each sheet and column a valid data-type. 

  • With a user-friendly menu, send Google Sheets data directly to AWS and automatically load it to RDS Aurora-MySQL.

  • Execute SQL routines before and after data loads to Aurora-MySQL.

  • Use Aurora-MySQL and AWS set of services to build a scalable Data Warehouse.